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Vivo announces its new sub-brand for smartphones called IQOO

Vivo, the Chinese smartphone maker has announced its new sub-brand called IQOO in China. It is still unclear what part of the market will the new sub-brand take on. Reports suggest that this could be a premium smartphone brand and some suggest that this could be a gaming phone device. The teaser though has been tipped but doesn't mention what IQOO stands for or mea

Xiaomi too recently announced that Redmi would be a separate sub-brand that will be headed by Lu Weibing, followed with POCO brand that won't be sold under Xiaomi banner. The company also has a gaming phone division called the Black Shark that targets smartphone gamers in the market. Oppo to followed up with a similar spectrum wherein it went on to launch Realme that later with time went on to become a separate company.

With Vivo having plans of launching the new sub-brand IQOO, it's still unclear if Vivo will be selling the new IQOO smartphones outside China. We could expect IQOO to soon launch the phone probably in the first quarter or the second quarter of 2019